BioBlast Pharma announces phase 2 results (Sponsored Post)

In a press release on October 27th, BioBlast announced the HOPEMD Phase 2 interim results with IV trehalose (Cabaletta) in OPMD. The analysis summarizes the results for up to the first 24 weeks of the 25 patients currently enrolled in the study in Canada and Israel.

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Hi, There is much new information about Bioblast since this post. A Clinical Trial is expected in Canada after June 2017.

Hi Bstings, if you have more information about it please share it with us!

Here are some links to some things Bioblast is doing,

February presentation by Bioblast. Here is the link to the full presentation, once you fill in the details you can see the slides and listen to the presentation. After the opening slides given by Fred Price the CEO, you can watch and listen to Dr. Bernard Brais talking about OPMD. Just add something in the Business field, it doesn’t matter what.

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