Are there any plans, or is it possible to include pictures, or use a selfie or an avatar in our posts?

Hi CubsFan! You can indeed put a selfie or avator in place of the “C” in a circle that you currently have. To do that, go to where you see your icon on the top right, click on it, and you’ll see a pull down menu. Click on your name on the top.
Then you’ll see preferences, and select that. From there you will see that you can insert a profile picture.

If you want to include pictures in your posts, you would either copy and paste into your post (that’s the easiest), or you can upload a picture. To upload, you’ll see a bunch of icons when you are writing a post at the top.

So I copied and pasted a picture of two of my cats here as an example. The one in the middle looks a bit like a photograph. That’s what you can use to upload as well.

Sharon from ModSupport