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Hello to all. I am not a big complainer. I had over forty years with no disability. Another fifteen with decreasing mobility. Seventy years during which I could eat anything. I have a degree in chemistry from Northwestern University, and worked in the petroleum and food industry for thirty five years. Just before retiring I spent five years in hospice as an IT manager. I have a son and daughter both free from OPMD and a loving wife. I am now on a feeding tube. I could not survive without the love and support of my extended family. Complaining now would be like someone at a party who has a great time for hours, spills a little something on their clothing, and then says their whole evening was ruined. The great life I had was not ruined by OPMD.

Hello I have a question did you ever get your throat stretched?

My mother also had a feeding tube.

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From @CubsFan:

No, I had an Cricopharyngeal myotomy. I also had multiple eyelid surgeries. None of these interventions are permanent. The muscles continue to weaken.
Good hearing from you Manuel. If I give anyone advice: put some money away for that rainy day when you will need an electric wheelchair.
There should be a section here just for sharing tips and suggestions from those with more experience.

There is now, CubsFan! Start filling that thread up with handy tips and hints.

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I have had my throat stretched it helps but I have to keep doing it.

Have you heard anything about BB-310? I am going to a new Neurologist I am going to ask about it. It sounds promising I will try anything.

I’ve only had my eyelids worked on and then the frontalis sling. I’ve had one throat/ swallowing evaluation.
Swallowing is getting worse.
What is the throat stretching procedure?

Hi @Groo13, I am sorry to hear about the troubles with swallowing. I have tagged you in another thread (Throat Stretching Procedure) that details @JerseyGirl’s experiences with the throat stretching procedure- I hope that may be of some help. Please keep us posted, would love to hear about your progress, and even stories about your beautiful yellow lab (I love 'em) and your fishing adventures!

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