Let's welcome our newest OPMD member


Hello OPMD members! A new member, Glo from Texas, needs your help. ( Screen name @Manuel11 – if you click on that to see their profile). If you can’t see it, follow the instructions at the bottom of the email first.

Glo has questions, and if you click here you’ll see some of Glo’s questions on an old thread that started ages ago.

Can you help a fellow OPMD-er out by giving them some answers or advice? I’m sure Glo would appreciate it.

Hope you are keeping well, and we’re all looking forward to hearing from you again! (Especially Manuel / Glo!)

Seenie from ModSupport

PS if you are having difficulty logging back into the community, it’s actually very easy to re-activate your membership:

  1. Go to livingwithopmd.org (click on that!)
  2. Click on “Log In” but do steps 3-5 below to reset your account
  3. Your user name is the email address this email came to.
  4. Say you forgot your password (even if you remember it)
  5. The system will send you and email with instructions. Follow those, and you’re good to go again. If the email doesn’t come, check your spam folder.

Hope to see you back soon!