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March 14, 2016 1:41 PM MDT

I recently stopped working as my OPMD symptoms worsened. The disability insurance application process is horrid! I just spoke to the adjuster who told me the claim is weak due to lack of proof that my condition worsened. Has any one else gone through this?

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March 26, 2016 9:42 PM MDT

I am still working part time. I think that working is escalating the progression of my OPMD. I was hoping that there wouldn’t be a problem with filling for disability

I was forced to take a medical retirement, because they do not appreciate FLEO’s who can’t get around worth a darn. I did make sure I kept my Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield. However, when the doctor recommended large doses of testosterone, they refused to pay. I called them up, and told them why it was required. They demanded I send them my genetic results which is a violation of the ADA, HIPPA, and the Civil Rights Act. I filed a formal complaint with the ADA. They wrote back that it wasn’t and unimportant issue, but they were too busy to really care. So, I having knowledge of over 18 years of Federal Law Enforcement Experience, I knew my next move was to Contact the FBI’s section of Civil Rights Violations. But, with their political hot seat at the moment, I am not holding my breath for a timely response. Meanwhile, it costs 100’s to keep up the levels of Testosterone the Doctor recommends. Further, Federal Blue/Cross is not allowed to discriminate against active and former Federal Employees. I am waiting for their commeuppence. It will take time, but I am a strong advocate for people who are discriminated against because of a disease. My mother has a lesser version of what I have. I had to watch people treat her like she was retarded, which angered me. Being handicapped, has nothing to do with mental acuity.

I love kids. I went to a production at my daughter’s school, when I had retired. A kid born with MD, rolled up to me on his automatic chair, while I was with my walker. He gave me the biggest smile and said, “Mine is bigger than yours.” I tried to smile, even though I am incapable. He could here the smile in my voice though. I told him, “You are absolutely right, yours is bigger than mine.” He laughed, like it made his whole day and went on his way.

The Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA) of 2008 prohibits discrimination against people with genetic disease in two key areas: in the workplace, and in the availability of health insurance. However, the law does NOT prohibit discrimination in the ability of an individual with a genetic disease to secure disability, long term care, or life insurance coverage. Hence, I have advised my daughters to delay any DNA testing which would become an element of their Medical Record, until their possible symptoms become apparent.
I was a Surgical Performance Improvement Specialist (RN) until I became unable to review electronic (computerized) medical records and walk MANY steps to ORs, Surgical floors, and meeting rooms. Even with accommodations, I would be unable to perform the tasks of my job. I am presently on Social Security disability, a 6 month application process requiring numerous documents. I was approved without having to undergo any appeals processes.
I have found that health care colleagues have been most compassionate. Health care administrators, conversely, had been largely judgemental, and visibly irritated that they were unable to extract the work of two people out of a previously intact professional who was declining before their eyes. Sad. Such is American health care employment today.

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Sadly Dean I have to say it’s not just American. I’m in Australia and if an insurer can have an out, to void a policy or part thereof, they will use it to escape responsibility, any way they can. In my opinion it’s a crime in itself. They take they policy financial premiums, but when it comes to paying out they try to use every excuse known. In my view if they took the money from an individual, then that individual is covered, no matter what. If it was anybody else taking the money and not honouring a signed agreement/policy, it would be considered as theft.

Merl from the Moderator support Team

I had to retire early i had horrible fatigue and eye issues from OPMD. It was embarrassing not being able to participate in many employees meal outings and potlucks. Everything is so good centered with friends and family I get depressed and lonely at times not being able to swallow very well and it takes me forever to eat. I dread the holidays because of it. I try to keep my spirits up sometimes it’s difficult.