The things I miss most because of my OPMD

  1. Getting down on the floor with my dogs.
  2. Eating anything I want.
  3. Driving a car.
  4. Walking through a museum.
  5. Legible handwriting.
  6. Speaking clearly.
  7. Showering standing up.
  8. Long walks.
  9. Being at eye level during a conversation.
  10. Sitting in any chair I want.
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Hello cubs fan,

I know exactly what you mean it’s hard to do anything. I try and push myself but then I get really tired. I just pray for strength everyday.

I read something about BB-310 I am going to the doctor to get more information. I will try anything.

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I totally agree with your list CubsFan but I would add one more. For me, anyway, I wish I could lie down on any bed. But I cannot as I would be in danger of drowning in my own saliva.

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