Things You Miss Due to OPMD

I used to be like to walk out in nature quite a bit, and for long distances. The last time I went deer hunting, I was dropped off on the ground level stand, that kind of looks like and outhouse with an office chair. I shot a large doe. I had to get help hauling it out. Fortunately, my friend had space for me and the deer on his four wheeler. After processing the deer for processing, (I won’t get into the gory details, that all hunters know), I was in agony for a week. I love putting meat in the freezer for my family, that isn’t from the store. Deer, home grown rooster, fishing. It has just become exponentially harder.

I think a lot of people with disabilities of one sort or another really miss the freedom to roam the way they used to. I have a mobility problem and I’m enormously grateful for my mobility scooter, but it cannot take me off the accessible path. sigh It’s a big frustration for me too.

I hear you!


Right. The property I have now I have a walking staff that can pierce the ground and I can lean on if I get tired. It is 8 acres, but there are sections that a person would have to crawl on their hands and knees. That’s not me anymore. But, I suspect many of us with underlying conditions are sheltering in place.