Travels with Mrs. CubsFan

Two years ago my wife, Mrs. CubsFan and I bought a two-year old accessible Toyota Sienna van previously owned by a disabled veteran. Press a button on the remote, and the side door opens, the van kneels down six inches, a ramp comes out. I can drive in and my power chair locks in next to the driver seat. This allows us to sit together as we travel. We drove from Tampa to South Carolina last summer for a wedding. We were going to drive it to New Orleans in last April for the four day Jazz Fest celebration, but the Corona Virus forced the festival to cancel. We also used the van to travel to the Port of Tampa for a seven day Carnival cruise with friends to the eastern Caribbean. We have also used the van a lot to go to stores. movies and restaurants.

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That’s really wonderful that you were able to find this van. Being able to continue to travel makes a really big difference if that’s what you’re used to doing.

I know that everyone’s travel plans got cancelled, or at least adjusted for the summer. I’m in the northeast, and things are actually starting to open up again here, with limitations.

Sharon from ModSupport

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