Vision Problems

OK, I’m sure we’re all aware of the droopy eyelids associated with this disease. I had a levator advancement done in 2014, which helped lift the shades for a few years, but they’re drooping again, and I’m not so sure I want to engage in a frontalis sling yet. Has anyone here had that done?
I also experience fatigue in the extraocular muscles, which move the eyeballs up, down, sideways, and diagonally. Because individual muscles may fatigue to the point of paresis, I experience transient, assymetrical opthalmoplegia, which results in blurring of vision. It goes away with rest and closed eyes. It makes computer work difficult, though reading text or music - linear eye movements - are less affected.
Anyone else experience this? What accommodations have you made to mitigate this?


I too am experiencing all of kinds of vision issues. I feel that it has contributed to my Vertigo. It takes a lot of coordination of muscles, to align both eyes on a target.

My workaround is to use one eye (left) for a lot of activities. I naturally use my right more because of the droopiness of the left. I want to use the muscles equally on each side. When I can, I shut both eyes. For instance, tieing shoes, I can do that with my eyes closed.

At signal lights, I close my right eye to give it a break. For now, this is sort of working. I am worried that muscles will continue to fatigue and I won’t have any workarounds.

I am 59. My mother was disabled at 60. She would sit in her chair the entire day and do nothing. She never walked, so she did not experience the soreness in the legs, she could not drive, so she did not experience vertigo that I am, she did not work, so she did not stare at a screen all day. My uncles all had to stop working because of the disability. I am trying not to go there as long as I can.

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I had frontal sling surgery a year ago and it is so much better. My sister also has this disease and she had the lid lift her eyes are really bad . If I had the choice of sling surgery I would do it again because I’m doing good with it and Iwas lucky to have a great doctor.

Please share more. How long did the procedure take? Was it performed as an outpatient? Are you fully able to close your eyes? What muscle do you use to control your lids. Please share. I have been on Ptosis crutches for the past seven years. My doctor and I know I need to consider the frontal sling surgery.

Yes I had this done as an outpatient, and you have to be awake during the surgery . The surgery took about an hour maybe a little more but like I said best thing I did. I still use the muscle in my eyelids and they close perfectly.

Thanks for your reply. I will have to make a decision soon. It is reassuring to know that you are able to fully close your eyes. As that is my biggest concern. If I may ask another question; how long was your recovery?

Hey Tracy, I am scheduled for the bilateral frontalis sling surgery in early Oct. My ptosis crutches just don’t work that well anymore and my neck pain has increased to the point that I need to do something. It has been a fight to get the insurance to cover this specialized surgery. Hoping that my results will be as successful as yours. Thanks for your posting that gave me the courage to proceed with this procedure.

I’m brand new to this site. I am having the sling surgery in December. Had a lift done a few years back. Now I need something as they are drooping and my neck hurts. Leg weakness just started a few months ago and is severe.

On October 3, I had bilateral sling surgery done. It is now about one month later. I can report that I am very happy with the results. The surgery took 55 minutes. Expect blurry vision for the first few weeks. I was using ptosis crutches for six years.

I have had this done 3 times (second time because it failed in one eye the first time) last time I had it done was 3 days ago (and still very soar)
Can I ask, did all of you have a sedative?

No sedative. The surgery was quite brutal. I felt everything. I did need a follow-up surgery as my body started to reject the implants. First surgery October 13. The second one on January 16.